All our cloud and hosted services are on monthly rolling contracts. If you’re not 100% satisfied then you’re not tied into a service that you don’t want or doesn’t fit your business requirements

Hosted Email (Microsoft Exchange)

Microsoft Exchange is the de facto standard for business email systems. However an on-premise solution does come at a large cost both in initial capital outlay and ongoing support.

The solution? Use our UK based Exchange servers to host your emails and thus take away set up and ongoing on-premise support costs.

Prestige IT Support provide full functioning Microsoft Exchange mailboxes from as little as £5 per month per mailbox. This includes a massive 50GB of email space, more than enough for the vast majority of users.

Microsoft Exchange mailboxes also include Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Folders; with the ability to synchronise all these functions between any device you use, whether it’s your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

To ensure business continuity all mailboxes are duplicated to 2 UK based data centres, guaranteeing 99.7% uptime.

Cloud Backup

StoreSecure is our cloud based back up system that automatically backs up any data via an Internet connection to our 2 UK datacentres. Data is encrypted during back up and is also encrypted when stored on our servers. Therefore only you as the customer can access the encrypted data.

The software can be installed and configured in minutes to provide a fully automated back up solution for all your files & folders, emails and any other data you may have.

The server version can be configured to back up any operating system (including virtual), email system (down to individual email level), database or ‘bare metal’ level (a complete image of your server).

Cloud Anti-Virus

We use AVG CloudCare to protect ours and your IT systems from viruses, malware, spyware and for identity protection.

Installed transparently on your network, your systems are monitored in real time. CloudCare will detect viruses, malware etc. issues automatically and attempt to resolve them without any user intervention or disruption.

We currently have over 3000 customer licences deployed around the world!


If you find yourself confronted by spam email every morning and the first job you do everyday is spending precious time sifting through them, then our anti-spam system is for you.

Your email is simply routed through our anti-spam servers where 10 levels of protection block unwanted email, viruses and phishing attacks before it hits your server or inbox.

Our system also constantly checks and blocks outbound email that contains spam or viruses, keeping you from inadvertently spamming your customers or contacts.

Web Content Filtering

Block threats by excluding access to malicious websites. Reduce distractions on the web by limiting access to sites such as social networking and shopping by category or via a schedule.

No new hardware or network changes are required saving you time & money whilst increasing staff productivity.